Frequently Asked Questions

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Most frequent questions and answers

Colors on Cabinets puts specialty coatings over existing cabinets to make them brand new! The coatings produce a factory like finish that are very durable and easy to clean.

Below is the brief process. For a more detailed process CLICK HERE

In the Home:

  • Protect countertops and floors 
  • Take down doors and drawer fronts 
  • Wet sand cabinets 
  • Prime cabinet frames
  • Fill and/or caulk any gaps
  • Apply multiple coats of specialty coating (no spraying)
  • Clean up
  • Wash cabinets to remove any grease and dirt buildup
  • Hand sand edges and contours 
  • Power sand cabinets
  • Apply primer coat
  • Fill any imperfections 
  • Sand surface
  • Apply another primer coat
  • Sand for topcoat
  • Spray apply specialty coatings to give a smooth finish you desire!

Even though we use low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) waterborne products we still do not spray inside the homes whatsoever. We do not consider this a safe practice in homes. Spraying produces “overspray” which is basically small paint particles flying through the air. These particles can settle on your countertops, floors, air ducts, or even worse your food! 

Kitchens are the life of the home. Don’t risk your family’s health and have someone spray inside your home. 

Colors on Cabinets has a unique process to apply the coatings with a brush and roller and still achieve a silky smooth finish. Customers can’t believe it when we are done!

Absolutely! As long as they are not peeling at the seams we can coat right over them. 

Peeling laminate? No worries! Call Colors on Cabinets about our refacing process or CLICK HERE.

The average kitchen is completed in five days. We are in the home for about two days. You have complete access to the kitchen the entire process.

Typical work schedule:

Monday: Take down door and drawer fronts. Start finishing frames

Tuesday-Thursday: In the shop finishing door and drawer fronts

Friday: Finish frames and install cabinets